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Meet The Industry Leader In Men’s Hair Restoration

Dr. Justin Rome, a Beverly Hills hair restoration surgeon, is devoted to exceptional work, highly personalized care, and patient satisfaction, by offering the most advanced and high tech methods we have today to treat hair loss.

Trained in many methods of hair restoration, Dr. Rome specializes in the robotic system for hair restoration and does not offer older procedures such as the strip method which is all too commonly still performed today.

Today Dr. Rome is regarded as one of the top figures in robotic hair restoration and was elected by the ARTAS company to train other hair restoration doctors on how to perform this highly specialized procedure.

Dr. Rome’s center is also one of the select few centers to gain recognition as an ARTAS Center of Clinical Excellence.

Dr. Justin Rome, MD

Celebrity Hair Restoration Expert

Our Results Speak For Themselves:

Find Out If You Qualify For A $500 Gift Voucher Towards Robotic Hair Restoration


ARTAS vs Old Methods

Robotic hair restoration is our cutting-edge procedure that allows us to treat hair loss without the cutting, and without linear scarring. Our robotic technology helps us perform hair restoration to give you permanent, natural solutions to hair loss and baldness. According to Dr. Rome, the ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration procedure is the best option for natural hair growth — a major advance over older techniques in the field. Let’s compare a few of them:

The Old Strip Method

The Old Strip Method, or “Follicular Unit Transplant” (FUT), is a 40-year-old procedure that involves removing hairs from a strip of your scalp and inserting them into the thinning patches in your hair. Unfortunately, it often gives patients post-op pain, and leads to other short and long-term adverse effects. Barber Surgeons Guild considers the strip method outdated for a number of reasons:


  • Patients report difficulty sleeping on the surgical site of the head.
  • Long-term nerve injury, pain, and numbness, are not uncommon.
  • A painful recovery is common. Expect to go through several weeks of restricted activity.
  • A large scar where the strip of hair was removed means you can’t wear your hair short in the back.


True, the old strip method isn’t as expensive as up-to-date robotic follicular unit extraction methods. But you get what you pay for. Dr. Rome is confident you’ll be a lot happier not dealing with linear scarring, sidelining your life in recovery, or emerging from surgery with a look that just doesn’t seem natural.

ARTAS vs Neograft And Smart Graft

ARTAS, Neograft, and SmartGraft are all follicular unit extraction (FUE) techniques, but while ARTAS is renowned for its precision, and is robotically performed, procedures like Neograft and SmartGraft are performed with handheld instruments. (Very user-dependent and not a standardized procedure.) The risk of Neograft or Smart Graft is that transections are more common. We vote ARTAS. Here’s why:


  • Graft quality is consistent throughout the procedure.
  • High-res digital imaging provides unparalleled visual detail of donor area.
  • Real-time 3D analysis provides accurate mapping and calculations of critical hair follicle characteristics.
  • Image-guided robotic alignment provides for precise graft dissection that manual techniques can’t match.

The field of hair restoration has come a long way over the past decade. That’s why we can guarantee you these benefits if you work with us:


  • No linear scarring. No stitches.
  • Quick and painless recoveries are common.
  • Your transplanted hair will have a natural appearance.

ARTAS robotic hair restoration uses digital imaging to analyze and track each hair to find the best ones for harvesting. With its patented blunt dissection technique, the grafts pose less risk of damage when compared to sharp dissection techniques such as Neograft or Smart Graft. The choice is clear. All that matters is when you want to schedule a consult with Dr. Rome or one of our top BSG doctors.

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Enjoy The Benefits Of Advanced Technology

The field of hair restoration has come a long way over the last decade. The Barber Surgeons Guild now has the ability to perform minimally invasive procedures that give you permanent, natural-looking results without linear strip scarring. Plus, we work with much more precision than you are likely to get with manual handheld follicular unit extraction methods like Neograft. BSG’s ARTAS Robotic Procedure gives you these advantages:

  • No linear scarring and no stitches.
  • A natural-looking appearance for transplanted hair.
  • Patients commonly report a quick, painless recovery.
  • Ability to wear the hair short following the procedure.
  • The addition of PRP and ATP-v with your robotic procedure to get the best results at no additional cost.
  • Addition of PRP and ATP-v with your robotic procedure to get the best results at no additional cost
  • The assurance of knowing that your procedure was performed at an ARTAS Center of Clinical Excellence.

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