New Tech: Leading Hair Regeneration Doctor Shares Cutting-Edge Treatment Used to Successfully Save the Hair of Over 7,347 Men

You can save your hair! 30% of men suffer from hair loss by the age of 30, by the time guys hit age 50, 85% will have visible thinning or significant bald patches. What’s shocking about these stats are is how common hair loss is…Finally there’s something you can do to slow or even prevent premature hair loss, without drugs, creams, or surgery. Discover how recent developments in PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatments have made hair loss a thing of the past. If you’ve been looking to protect your natural hair, increase your hair density and feel really good about the way you look…then you’re in the right place, simply click play to understand how this cutting edge treatment can save your natural hair.

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The New Science of Hair Preservation Using PRP

  • Protect Your Hair Follicles From Weakening, Shrinking And Dying
  • Deliver Results Without Cutting, Scarring or Extensive Down-Time In Just Minutes With Super-Charged PRP Injections Into Your Scalp


You are Much Closer Than You Think to Stopping Hair Loss and Protecting One of Your Most Valuable Masculine Assets.

Advanced PRP Treatments Maximize Hair Follicle Health By Super Charging Your Hair Health

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Injections Keep Your Hair Thriving With Monthly Treatments

Tap Into and Unlock The Power of Your Own Body to Heal Your Hair

No High Pressure Sales Tactics or Per Injection Pricing, All Inclusive Concierge Service Delivers Monthly Treatments For a Low Monthly Fee

Non-invasive Procedure Means No-Cutting, No-Scarring and No Downtime… See Hair Grow Naturally Over Time

Why Our PRP Hair Preservation Protocol Is The Best Choice

Used by pro-sports players to dramatically speed recovery, you can use the same technology Tiger Woods, Tom Brady, and Kobe Bryant have all used to help heal your hair.

The way it works is simple: we do a small blood draw, spin your blood up to concentrate the growth factors, and now we have Platelet Rich Plasma. That’s where most doctors stop, but after extensive testing and thousands of treatments Dr Justin Rome has pioneered a breakthrough new process.

He takes your PRP super healing serum with millions of platelets and makes it better by pairing it with a highly energized molecule called ATP. ATP is the chemical currency of life. It’s biological energy. It’s what runs your cells.

And he’s discovered how this unique growth cocktail produces even better results than just stand-along PRP.

Bottom line, the PRP super-booster gets super-charged when it’s paired with the ATP. Dr Rome’s unique treatment protocol is only available at BSG Outposts.

The Truth About Why Men Lose Their Hair (And Lose Sleep Worrying About It)

30% of men suffer from hair loss by the age of 30, by the time guys hit age 50, 85% will have visible thinning or significant bald patches.

What’s shocking about these stats are is how common hair loss is…almost every guy has hair insecurity but almost none talk about it. At the Barber Surgeon’s Guild we are obsessed with helping men restore their hair and their confidence. Caring about your hair isn’t about vanity, it’s not just how you look. Your hair is your identity and when you start losing it, it feels like you lose a part of yourself.


Although it’s true that both men and women experience hair loss as they age, men are particularly effected by progressive hair loss. It’s called… “androgenetic alopecia” and it affects men and women, but guys have it worse because they have more testosterone. Ironically, the very hormone responsible for many healthy male functions is also responsible for hair loss. DHT, a type of hormonal testosterone is to blame. Basically DHT causes hair miniaturization, the hairs keep getting shorter and weaker, until the follicle essentially dies. At that point, when the follicle is dead, the only real option is transplanting a healthy hair follicle.


Unfortunately, there is no cream, pill or serum that can resurrect the follicle once it’s dead. But there are two treatment options to consider for men who don’t believe in just rolling over and letting a hormonal quirk kill their confidence.


How The BSG PRP Maintenance Membership Will Benefit You:

  • Advanced PRP & ATP enhanced treatment protocol produces superior results resulting in more hair density.
  • Dr Rome’s expert medical skills guiding the process ensures you get the outcome you deserve because he’s successfully completed thousands of hair preservation procedures.
  • A master barber consulting on your hairstyle means your hair regrowth will look natural and perfectly complement your face.
  • Millions of Super-Charged healing platelets inside your injections means you get platelet enriched plasma super-charging your new hair, helping them grow and speeding up the healing process.
  • No per injection pricing, just a flat all-inclusive fee means you get the maximum amount of hair protection possible with the BSG treatment.
  • No cutting, scarring or long visits. Most patients report minimal discomfort. Kick back, rest your head and your monthly procedure will be over in minutes.

The 3 Step BSG Hair Maintenance Protocol


Book your in-person or online meeting with Dr Rome to determine if PRP Hair Preservation is right for you. A BSG Master Barber will also provide expert advice on optimal hair styles to create the best possible outcome.


Find the perfect time to visit a BSG Outpost. Your treatment will only take minutes, which will give you plenty of time to get a fresh, expertly matched haircut from a BSG Master Barber so your hair grows in perfectly.


Your visit to the BSG clinic can start with a fresh hair cut or move directly into your treatment. Your PRP injections will be take a few minutes. After a quick application of local anesthetic, you can comfortably relax as Dr Rome guides treats your scalp. And don’t worry, if needles make you nervous, there’s nitrous oxide to help ease any anxiety before starting.






What Our Clients Say About BSG’s Services


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

Our Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is a form of hair restoration clinical maintenance that utilizes continued injections to keep your hair healthy. The service is offered on its own or as part of ARTAS robotic hair restoration. We now offer these monthly injections at a membership rate! PRP is a component within your blood that helps to stimulate growth and aids in healing.

To remove this component of your blood for the procedure, a centrifuge is used to isolate it from your red and white blood cells. The PRP can then be injected into your scalp directly to stimulate hair growth. We also utilize this blood constituent immediately following a hair restoration procedure to ensure maximum results.

PRP is a Quick Procedure

PRP is a scientifically proven method for thickening up both thin and miniaturized hairs. Additionally, it’s effective at speeding up recovery following an ARTAS hair restoration procedure and improves the growth of transplanted hairs. This is accomplished due to the platelets in PRP having the ability to release vital growth factors. In essence, they act as a strong fertilizer that improves growth of both permanent and transplanted hairs.

The procedure is minimally-invasive, and you’re even able to drive yourself home after its completion. Each treatment takes only about 30 minutes to complete and offers a relatively painless way to get the hair growth you deserve.

It’s important to note that, even with its healing and growth properties, PRP is no substitute for hair restoration procedures. It works best when combined with other therapies such as ARTAS robotic hair restoration. Using this blood component can thicken up thin hairs on your scalp while speeding the growth of newly transplanted hairs.


PRP also helps reduce a common side effect of hair restoration procedures – known as shock loss – which causes a temporary loss of hair following treatment.