Low-Level Laser Therapy

To anyone not versed in the cosmetic surgery or hair regeneration fields, a “low-level laser” might sound like the D student of its class. Quite the opposite. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has verified that low-level laser (LLL) therapy is an effective treatment for preventing male and female pattern hair loss. (In this case, “low-level” refers not to the quality of the treatment but to the intensity of light that the laser emits.)


Barber Surgeons Guild goes a step further. We consider LLL to be the gold standard device in this field, especially since its premium line contains 300 laser diodes. (As opposed to 7-12 diodes in the laser comb.) One of our partner companies, Laser Cap, has developed a cap you can wear that beams lasers into the target zones of hair loss on your scalp. Laser Cap designed their signature line so that patients’ hair follicles are stimulated more deeply than a handheld device or other wearable lasers could provide. Plus, patients can enjoy it within the comfort and privacy of their homes.

Laser Cap

Studies have shown that LLL stops the progression of hair loss in 97% of patient cases. Almost 40% of all patients reported an increase in hair density within 16 weeks. And LLL improves patients’ microcirculation to delicate hair follicles, allowing them to grow stronger, thicker hair.


ARTAS and a quality Laser Cap pair well together: While ARTAS restores lost hair, the laser cap stops further hair loss. Dr. Rome recommends using a quality laser cap before and after his ARTAS procedure to speed up the results you want, shorten your recovery time, and reduce the risk of shock loss. (The temporary loss of hair following a restoration procedure.)

Still not convinced? Consider some perks we offer:

  • Free shipping within the US.
  • Since we’re an official LaserCap Provider, your products will be shipped brand-new in a box.
  • Get $500 off an ARTAS procedure within 1 year with the purchase of a 300 diode LaserCap from BSG.

  • No sales tax (since this is a medical device).
  • Our new Laser Cap syncs to your smartphone via bluetooth to control the settings.
  • Our Laser Caps all come with a LIFETIME warranty for the cap itself, and a 1 year warranty for the battery (after which, it’s $50 to replace).