Revealed: Leading Hair Restoration Doctor Shares High Tech Treatment Used to Successfully Restore the Hair of Over 2,319 Men

Finally! You’ll be able to see a full head of hair in the mirror with this breakthrough hair restoration treatment. Discover how recent developments in robotic hair restoration have made painful surgeries a thing of the past. If you’ve been looking to restore your natural hair, increase your hair density and feel really good about the way you look…then you’re in the right place, simply click play to understand how this cutting edge treatment can completely restore your natural hair.

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The New Science of Robotic Hair Restoration

  • Produce Unparalleled Hair Regrowth
  • Deliver Results Without Cutting, Linear Scarring or Extensive Down-Time


Finally Being Able to Have Your Old Hair Back is Much Closer Than You Think. Here’s Why…

Advanced Robotic Hair Restoration Maximizes Hair Follicle Growth

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Injections To Keep Your New Hair Thriving

No High Pressure Sales Tactics or Per Follicle Pricing, All Inclusive Concierge Service

One of the only Platinum Accredited ARTAS Robotic Centers of Excellence on the West Coast

Non-invasive Procedure Means No-Cutting, No Significant Scarring and No Painful Recovery

Why BSG Robotic Hair Restoration Is The Best Choice

The first treatment option has remained mostly unchanged for the last 60 years, strip excision harvesting, aka FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant).

For decades, tens of thousands of men have suffered through these archaic strip-style hair transplants with unpredictable results, horrific pain, scarring, and significant downtime.

Over the last 12 years, breakthrough advances in computing power led to the development of AI enhanced medical robots. In 2012 Dr. Justin Rome was one of the first plastic surgeons to pioneer the use of the ARTAS Hair Regeneration Robotic System for hair transplantation.

After 6 years and thousands of successful procedures, Dr. Rome has earned the ARTAS Platinum Provider certification for his unparalleled patient satisfaction.

Our Hair Regeneration process is fast (typically 1/2 a day), doesn’t involve cutting or linear scarring, is non-invasive, avoids painful post-treatment downtime and best of all, ensures you get maximum hair restoration. Plus, our treatment includes PRP + ATP Advanced Regenerative Therapy at no additional cost to improve overall results and speed recovery.

The Truth About Why Men Lose Their Hair (And Lose Sleep Worrying About It)

30% of men suffer from hair loss by the age of 30, by the time guys hit age 50, 85% will have visible thinning or significant bald patches.

What’s shocking about these stats are is how common hair loss is…almost every guy has hair insecurity but almost none talk about it. At the Barber Surgeon’s Guild, we are obsessed with helping men restore their hair and their confidence. Caring about your hair isn’t about vanity, it’s not just how you look. Your hair is your identity and when you start losing it, it feels like you lose a part of yourself.


Although it’s true that both men and women experience hair loss as they age, men are particularly affected by progressive hair loss. It’s called… “androgenetic alopecia ” and it affects men and women, but guys have it worse because they have more testosterone. Ironically, the very hormone responsible for many healthy male functions is also responsible for hair loss. DHT, a type of hormonal testosterone is to blame. Basically, DHT causes hair miniaturization, the hairs keep getting shorter and weaker until the follicle essentially dies. At that point, when the follicle is dead, the only real option is transplanting a healthy hair follicle.


Unfortunately, there is no cream, pill or serum that can resurrect the follicle once it’s dead. But there are two treatment options to consider for men who don’t believe in just rolling over and letting a hormonal quirk kill their confidence.


How The BSG Robotic Hair Restoration System Will Benefit You:

  • Advanced robotic assisted hair regeneration mapping will accurately harvest more hair follicles from your donor sites resulting in higher hair regrowth density.
  • Dr. Rome’s expert surgical skills guiding the process ensures you get the outcome you deserve because he’s successfully completed thousands of hair restoration procedures.
  • A master barber consulting on your restoration means your treatment your new hair regrowth will look natural and perfectly complement your face.
  • Unique PRP + ATP Hair Enrichment Therapy is included during the restoration which means you get platelet enriched plasma super-charged with cellular energy powering your new hair, helping the follicles grow and speeding up the healing process.
  • No per follicle pricing, just a flat all-inclusive fee means you get the maximum amount of hair regrowth possible with the BSG treatment.
  • No cutting, linear-scarring or painful downtime. Most patients report minimal discomfort. Kick back and catch up on your favorite shows during your procedure.

The 3 Step BSG Robotic Hair Restoration System


Book your in-person or video conference with Dr. Rome to determine if Robotic Restorationis right for you. A BSG Master Barber will also provide expert advice on optimal hair style to create the best possible outcome.


Find the perfect time for you to visit one of the BSG Outposts. Travel credits of up to $500 will be applied to clients coming from out of town. Your treatment will take approximately 1/2 the day and includes a fresh cut from a BSG Master Barber so your new hair grows back perfectly.


Your half-day at the BSG clinic will start with a fresh hair cut. Your restoration will typically take 4-5 hours. After a quick application of local anesthetic, you can comfortably relax as Dr Rome guides the Robotic assistant in conducting a smooth treatment. If you forgot your iPad, we’ve got you covered to catch up on your favorite Netflix or HBO now shows.






Here’s What Our Clients Have To Say About BSG’s Robotic Hair Restoration


ARTAS Hair Restoration

Chances are if you’ve landed on this page, you may be facing that age-old question that bedevils men: “What do I do about my Thinning hair?” Lucky for you, you live in an age where state-of-the-art robotic tech helps surgeons perform hair restoration that gives you permanent, natural solutions to hair loss. Read on for some options.

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ARTAS for Patients in the Twenties and Thirties

The greatest losses in hair often occur in your late teens, twenties, and thirties. So it’s no surprise that 50% of our patients are young guys, and the average age of our hair restoration patients is 35 years old. Before robotic hair regeneration, young men had scant options except to regrow their hair with a procedure that left significant linear scarring. That’s why we don’t recommend the traditional method of regrowing hair — the strip procedure (aka FUT) — for our younger patients.


ARTAS will provide for guys to keep their hair short in the back if they choose without the branding of a long scar. In fact, many of our younger patients just need a bit of hairline restoration to improve the slight loss the have experienced, and we’re experts at restoring a completely natural hairline to just how it was before it started thinning.

ARTAS After a Strip Procedure

The other 50% of our patients? Men in their 40s and up. Many have already had between 1-3 strip procedures. That’s why it’s important that they go to a practice that has experience performing ARTAS after a strip, like Barber Surgeons Guild’s chief medical officer, Dr. Justin Rome, and his team. Stop in for a consultation today.

ARTAS for Afrocentric Hair

The landmark studies for ARTAS hair regeneration were performed on Caucasian males with straight dark hair, but Dr. Rome & Co. have adapted their techniques to serve patients with Afrocentric hair, as well. Hypertrophic scarring and keloid formation can be common in patients with this type of hair, so we take precautions — such as mixing liquid steroid in our numbing solution to dampen any healing response that may lead to scarring.

ARTAS for Asian and Indian Hair

We also modify ARTAS off-label to treat guys with Asian and Asian Subcontinent heritage, who tend to have hair that grows out of their heads at steeper angles and in smaller follicular unit groupings than Caucasian hair. No matter. We adjust our procedure to get excellent grafts just the same.

ARTAS for Women

Less than half of all women will make it past the age of 65 with a full head of hair. We treat many women to give them thick hairlines and more volume in the mid scalp zone. (Common areas for hair loss in women.) The female hairline is crucial in hair restoration.Good thing we know how to restore it naturally.

ARTAS for Transitioning Men and Women

Cosmetic surgery and hormone replacement are crucial in transsexual reassignment procedures, but so are male or female pattern hairlines. Hair patterns help you make the full transition across the spectrum of sexual identification. Without a transplant procedure, many of our patients feel that their transformation is incomplete. Give us the privilege of helping you complete your transformation.


COVID-19 Update

A message from Dr. Rome on COVID-19

With COVID-19 circulating across the US, BSG is taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of our staff and our clients/patients. For the time being, our grooming salons are closed until further notice and on the medical side, we are only taking consultations virtually via our HIPAA-compliant video conferencing platform. We wish everyone and their families well during these times and appreciate your understanding to keep you and ourselves all safe. Together we will get through this!
Justin Rome, M.D.


BSG offers remote Video Consultation option via our fully HIPAA-compliant video communication platform.

  • Due to the pandemic, “Online Video Conference” is preselected for you when booking your consultation time, and in-person consultations have been disabled on our site.