ARTAS Robotic Beard & Eyebrow Restoration

Two grooming services that Barber Surgeons Guild provides are eyebrow and beard hair restoration. (If you have the opposite problem — too much hair — we also offer beard trims and cleanups. Just saying.) Let’s go over each one.

Beard Restoration

Need we explain the awesome appeal of a manly beard? Guys, clean-shaven is a look you can rock. So is the Ron Swanson mountain-man facial hair. But a beard that’s thinning out? Don’t get stuck in that midway point (follicularly speaking, that is).


Growing out a beard or moustache of any length, breadth, and depth is a pleasure that we’re here to help facilitate for you. On average, facial hair restoration takes us 3-4 hours to perform, but our microscopic preparation of single-haired follicular units lead to permanent results. Afterwards, feel free to trim, grow, shave, groom, or style it any way you’d like.


Barber Surgeons Guild may be one of the only businesses that performs these hair regeneration services robotically with ARTAS without leaving linear scarring or stitching. Our job is to give you that all-natural look that frames or covers, yet somehow accentuates, your rakish smile or lantern jaw.

Eyebrow Restoration

The follicular unit extraction (FUE) techniques that we employ allow Dr. Rome and his staff to restore more than just hair on your head. True, this service may appeal more to a female customer than to all the guys who stop into our shop, but BSG serves all clients, and proudly offers women’s signature haircuts. We also recreate those full and natural eyebrows that may have thinned from age or from over-plucking. We urge you away from resorting to tattooing your eyebrows, which can look unnatural, and respectfully nudge you toward this natural solution with its permanent results.


Barber Surgeons Guild specializes in microscopic preparation of single-haired grafts, which we use to restore eyebrows in ways that they would be expected to grow. The result? Fierce, alluring eyebrows that draw people to you. On average, it takes us 3-4 hours to restore both eyebrows, and our methods are refined enough that you never leave our offices with linear scarring or stitches on your head.