ARTAS Hair Studio & Robotic Site Making

Hair Loss Without Cutting

When you consult with Dr. Rome and the other top docs that he’s helped train at Barber Surgeons Guild, we’ll likely create a 3D simulation of the results you can expect after we perform our robotic procedure on you. That way, you and our doctors can visualize what you can expect to look like, which can help you develop the best plan for a successful treatment.

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Robotic Site-making Has Arrived

Not all ARTAS robots are the same, much like how your iPhone or Android sometimes ping you with software or hardware updates. A lot of organizations in our field run their robots on OS and older hardware, which makes them incapable of performing the most recent advances in robotic hair regeneration. BSG, meanwhile, runs on the most recent version — “9x.”


9x allows for greater dynamic range for when we’re harvesting grafts, as well as advanced recipient site-making technology. We’re proud to offer robotic site-making at no extra charge with our “Fill-the-Area” model. Even if you don’t choose BSG, whenever you have an ARTAS consult, ask what OS they have, and if they provide robotic site-making. That could make or break your decision.

Recipient Site-making

With that said, what is “robotic recipient site-making”? Sounds like a chapter out of a sci-fi novel, but it’s actually pretty simple. After our medical team designs your hair plan with you in the ARTAS Hair Studio application, we’ll export it to the ARTAS system, which aids us in creating the recipient sites where the harvested grafts will be placed. Then we use algorithms to determine where the recipient sites should be created. That way, we can provide the best possible aesthetic outcome for you while also identifying and avoiding your existing follicle sites.

Through computer interface, we control hair angles, density, direction, and distribution to provide you with a natural look with the least risk to your existing hairs. Not all ARTAS procedures include robotic site-making, so be sure to ask the doctor you work with if this will be part of your procedure. We’re among the few places that perform this robotic procedure with hair transplants. Give us a call today.

3D Simulation