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Whether it’s ARTAS or any of our other hair restoration solutions, our main goal is to ensure every client gets the results they want. Through our focus on achieving the highest standards when performing this specialized procedure, we are ranked as an ARTAS Center of Clinical Excellence.


About Dr. Rome: Dr. Justin Rome, MD has spent years finely honing his craft by performing hundreds of robotic hair restoration procedures on clients’ hair, eyebrows and beards. His expertise in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery is only surpassed by his emphasis on providing real results to every client. This is why he’s regarded as a leader in the area of robotic hair restoration. In fact, he serves as an official trainer for other surgeons looking to improve their procedures.

Exclusive Hair Restoration Techniques

When you visit Barber Surgeons Guild, you can expect a team that goes above and beyond to provide the best treatment available. We focus on providing the latest in hair restoration technology, and that’s why we specialize in the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant procedure. This minimally invasive procedure is done on an outpatient basis, and you can expect results that look fully natural thanks to the absence of linear scarring. To ensure the best outcome for your procedure, we also combine ARTAS with other hair restoration therapies such as ATP-v, PRP and Low-Level Laser therapy with LaserCap. Our robot utilizes the most up-to-date software as well, and this means we can robotically harvest grafts and create the transplant sites with skilled precision. There aren’t many ARTAS centers who utilize this updated edition, so we’re proud to have been one of the first.

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When Working With Our Hair Restoration Team, You Can Expect

Quality only found in an ARTAS Center of Clinical Excellence

  • Utilization of only the most advanced technology. This includes Robotic Site Making, Robotic Harvesting and adjunctive therapies such as ATP-v and PRP.
  • All-inclusive pricing structure focused on results. Our per-area packages ensure the maximum amount of grafts along with PRP and ATP-v therapies. Our advanced robotic site-making procedure is included.

If you’re tired of finding hair in the sink, today is the right time to make a move. You’ll see new hair growth within three months of our procedure, and this growth continues for up to 14 months. Get started towards a full head of hair you can wash, cut and style however you please.

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ARTAS Center of Clinical Excellence!

Being recognized as an ARTAS Center of Clinical Excellence is a tough task with numerous accreditation requirements. Through our focus on results and professionalism, the Barber Surgeons Guild exceeded these requirements. Far too many people – both men and women – have to struggle with hair loss. Fortunately, Dr. Rome’s robotic hair restoration expertise combined with the latest technology means ball caps and wigs can become a thing of the past. Our focus is to provide you with incomparably effective results.

Looking for the gold seal!

The gold seal of ARTAS Centers of Clinical Excellence isn’t an easy thing to achieve. To earn it, twenty ARTAS hair restoration procedures must be performed while supervised by Restoration Robotics clinical evaluators. Requirements include performing procedures with at least 2,000 grafts, a harvest yield surpassing 85%, follicle transection rates under 10% and a minimum harvest speed of 700 grafts/hr. By achieving harvest yields of 95% and transection rates around 2%, we easily surpass these requirements and have become recognized as a world leader in robotic hair restoration.


Our gratitude is extended to Dr. Rome and the rest of our excellent staff. More importantly, though, we want to thank each of our satisfied clients for giving us a chance to improve their lives. Always look for the gold seal when considering an ARTAS procedure!

What to Expect From Our Services

After years of constant improvements within the world of hair restoration, you likely have high expectations for what our services can do for you. We take this duty seriously, and that’s why ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration is our go-to procedure for providing the natural and permanent hair loss solution you’ve been seeking. Within six months you’ll see significant growth, and after only one year, you’ll see the full benefits. Clients who do the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant can Expect:

  • Procedure that only lasts four to eight hours
  • Natural looking hair you can style however you want
  • Results that last a lifetime
  • Minimally-invasive procedure with short recovery time

  • Hair growth that can occur within three months
  • Gradual hair growth that’s not abrupt, so no one knows about the treatment
  • Little to no pain
  • No visible scarring

Seattle Residents

Just because there’s no ARTAS Center in Seattle doesn’t mean you have to settle for less. We’ll cover all your travel expenses and bring you right to sunny Los Angeles! Our West Hollywood location is just a short drive from the LAX Airport, and there’s even a nearby Starbucks to make you feel at home. All pre-op and post-op requirements are handled via phone or video chat. You can arrive one night before your procedure and head home the evening it’s done!


Why Us? We specialize in the ARTAS procedure and have been recognized as an ARTAS Robotic Center of Clinical Excellence. Our all-inclusive “Fill-the-Area” ARTAS pricing, Robotic Site Making, and PRP and ATP-v injections ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

Las Vegas Residents

While there may be no advanced ARTAS Center in Las Vegas, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for subpar results. Head on over to West Hollywood where hair restoration results aren’t a gamble! We’ll cover your travel expenses getting here, and you’ll only have a short drive from LAX Airport. Get here one night before your procedure, and you can be back on a plane the very next evening! Pre-op and post-op are handled via phone or video chat.


Why Us? We specialize in the ARTAS procedure and have been recognized as an ARTAS Robotic Center of Clinical Excellence. Our all-inclusive “Fill-the-Area” ARTAS pricing, Robotic Site Making, and PRP and ATP-v injections ensure you get the most bang for your buck.