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What Our Clients Say

5-Star Reviews

If I had one word to describe Dr. Rome, it would be “amazing.” Unlike other doctors, he seems to care about the patient more than their insurance coverage. I love this, because it let me know that he was interested in making decisions based on my needs rather than his own.

-Andy Ostroff

5-Star Reviews

Dr. Rome is exceedingly friendly without giving up an ounce of professionalism. The doctor and every staff member work hard to keep my mind at ease. The hair restoration procedures provided here are flawless and state of the art. I would encourage everyone who’s losing hair to schedule a free consultation today.

-Michael Bowles

5-Star Reviews

Dr. Rome is knowledgeable, great to work with and simply fantastic in every way. I would recommend the doctor to anyone with thinning hair who wants a true expert to handle their procedure.

-Matthew Littlefield

Expert Hair Restoration & Regenerative Therapies in Los Angeles & New York City

If you’re looking for ARTAS in Los Angeles or New York, Barber Surgeons Guild is the best choice. Our minimally invasive procedure is provided on an outpatient basis and leaves no linear scarring. We always make sure our clients are confident and comfortable both before and after their procedure. This decreases recovery times, and most of our clients are right back to work within a few days.

ARTAS Hair Restoration

BSG’s cutting-edge robotic technology for natural, permanent hair restoration.

PRP Membership

A monthly membership to our clinical haircare service maintains and thickens your hair.

Lasercap Home Lasers Model
LaserCap Home Lasers

LaserCap home lasers are an FDA-approved way to stop hair loss and thicken existing hair.


Taking Robotic Hair Restoration To The Next Level

Barber Surgeons Guild has been ranked as an ARTAS Center of Clinical Excellence. The clinic is so respected, in fact, that it serves as a training center for other professionals who want to perform ARTAS procedures. We don’t use dated methods of hair restoration that other clinics still offer – because we know our clients deserve the best. This is why all our procedures are done with ARTAS.

Unlike other hair restoration providers, our ARTAS robot is capable of robotically harvesting and creating recipient sites. This is done through the latest hardware and software versions, and it ensures you have the best possible outcome. Our all-inclusive “Fill-the-Area” pricing also includes therapies such as PRP and ATP-V – at no additional cost – to give you the head of hair you deserve.

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Excellent Solutions Available

Our clients expect only the best and most advanced hair restoration procedures when they visit us. You shouldn’t have to suffer the downfalls of hair loss. Luckily, our solutions mean that you don’t have to. It’s possible to achieve natural results while avoiding the scarring and downtime of dated procedures that many clinics still provide.


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BSG specializes in the most high tech treatment options to maintain and restore your hair. Click to watch a video of our facilities and learn about our services.


What Questions Should I Ask When Considering Robotic Hair Restoration?

  • Is the practice an ARTAS Center of Clinical Excellence?
  • Is it so highly regarded that it trains other doctors on robotic restoration?
  • Is the most up-to-date ARTAS robotic system in use (currently vers. 9x)?
  • Does the practice focus on ARTAS or do they provide other services like manual FUE and strip harvesting?
  • Are other effective therapies, such as ATP-V and PRP, combined with robotic hair restoration?
  • Do the doctors have off-label experience using the robotic system for Asian hair, Afrocentric hair, Indian hair and with women?

  • Have the doctors gained experience treating those in their 20s and 30s?
  • Have the doctors performed robotic hair restoration after clients previously had strip procedures?
  • Are eyebrow and beard services handled robotically, or are manual techniques utilized?
  • Will the clinic charge you by the graft, or do they offer all-inclusive pricing by the area?
  • Do out-of-town patients receive a travel allowance?

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Learn More About The Following Aspects Of Robotic Hair Restoration:

  • ARTAS Center of Clinical Excellence
  • Fair pricing structure includes PRP and ATP-V therapies
  • Robotic Recipient Site Making
  • Robotic Facial Hair Restoration
  • Robotic Eyebrow Restoration
  • Travel Allowance


ARTAS Robotic Procedures

In addition to the ARTAS robotic hair transplant benefits you get at our center, we also make sure there’s no linear scar. This means you can wear your hair however you desire! Unlike other centers, we are also comfortable working with women and individuals with Asian or Afrocentric hair. We even work with those in their 20s and 30s who want to stop losing their hair as soon as they notice it start. We strongly believe that taking early action is ideal.

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Located In Los Angeles & New York Specializing In Robotic Hair Restoration

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